Discover Paros religious history by visiting important Paros Monasteries and Churches.

As much as in the rest of the Cyclades, Paros has a great deal of churches scattered all around the island, anywhere from coastal settlements to high hilltops. There are a few Paros monasteries too to visit while on the island, yet some are not currently inhabited.

Paros Monasteries

Paros Monasteries are usually open for the public to visit -at least up to a point- and are located in beautiful and tranquil spots, enjoying lovely views of sea or landscape. Some of the monasteries in Paros you can visit are Agios Minas, the “Dormition of Our Lady” monastery in Marpissa, the monastery of Agios Georgios nearby the port of Naoussa with its beautiful wall decoration, as well as Agia Triada monastery in Lefkes where you can admire its marble interiors.

Paros Churches

One of the most important Paros churches is “Panagia Ekatontapiliani” or else “Our Lady of the Hundred Gates”, considered one of the oldest, yet one of the most well-maintained churches in Greece. The church receives hundreds of visitors daily making it the perfect place for an early evening visit, when it’s cooler and the crowds are gone.

With this one being among the most visited churches in Paros, there are other smaller churches all around the island standing in wonderful locations and may be encountered randomly during a stroll.

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